Donors & Partners

Our goal is to build a vibrant society by empowering the community, collectively and collaboratively, so doing improves the quality of life for all people, to achieve this, we ensure that the indigenous community especially the women and youth own their development from the grass roots.

We thank all our partners and supporters, whether sponsoring or volunteering in one area or another for the good work of working hand in hand with us to better our community

Training Jefsi Youth Group on Business & Financial Management Courtesy of BASE TITANIUM

We invite donors & partners from different sectors of the society including private and independent foundations, public charities, corporations, and other types of funders (donor-advised funds, charitable trusts, and individual philanthropists).

Other donors include:

  • Global geneva funds
  • Lutheran world relief funds
  • CISP-Malindi
  • VSO-JITOLEE funds
  • NACC
  • Institute for Education in Democracy

New Tumaini Desks Donated By HEYGATH Primary school UK 

We have partnered with our friends in the UK who have come in handy to donate desks for school going children. We are also actively engaging social entrepreneurs, impact investors in our work to help expand our membership and spur innovation in the sector.

Invest in us today!

Whether you want to donate to help people living below poverty, orphans, to help empower women, Dzarino will make sure your donation is a sustainable investment for the better of all mankind.

Where you are located, you can make a difference for millions of lives by donating to us or partnering with us.

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If you want to donate your time then, volunteer! click the button above and fill in your details. You all matter.

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If it is just money you wish to donate then, click the button above to contact us and fill in your details. Every penny counts.

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