Working together to empower women in Kenya by putting community ideas into action

Dzarino CBO is a women-led community-based organization based in the Mtwapa area of Kilifi County that provides training and support to the underprivileged members of the rural communities in Kenya.

Dzarino’s work is concentrated in the coastal area of Kenya where it is established and has worked for over 20 years. It has a strong membership base and is currently run by a dedicated core of volunteers, with skills in training, community development, enterprise development, financial management, health care, and the law. In addition to training, Dzarino currently runs an early child development centre and collaborates with the health sector to conduct medical camps thereby bringing primary health care to remote communities.

What We Do

Identify a challenging situation in our community

Work with the community to come up with ideas to solve the challenge

Create an action plan and provide training and support

The idea is implemented and we measure the success


Dzarino empowers local leaders through training to respond to needs within their own communities.

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We work with local women and groups to create products that provide income and sustainable living for women in poverty.

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Dzarino is a membership-based organization – we recruit informal community-based groups with a mission to build their capacity.

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Latest News

Resource Mobilization and Proposal Writing Training

Resource Mobilization and Proposal Writing Training

Dzarino was privileged to have a training on Resource Mobilization and Proposal Writing facilitated by Catalyste+. During this training, members of Dzarino were able to gain important skills in relation to resource mobilization for Non Profit Organisations such as...

Kuvunja Kisanduku

Kuvunja Kisanduku

11th March 2022 was a day to remember for Dzarino. That Friday marked the end of the year of Ndalago when the project held its annual meeting, typically dubbed as “kuvunja kisanduku”. Ndalago is a Dzarino project dealing specifically with the table banking activity....

A Day With WEF

A Day With WEF

On Tuesday 8th March 2022, Dzarino CBO was fortunate to have been among the organizations marked by the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) to get visited by its top brass as a way of encouragement to its members in doing their businesses. Dzarino welcomed the Chairman of the...

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