On Tuesday 8th March 2022, Dzarino CBO was fortunate to have been among the organizations marked by the Women Enterprise Fund (WEF) to get visited by its top brass as a way of encouragement to its members in doing their businesses. Dzarino welcomed the Chairman of the Board of WEF, Commissioner Njoki Kahiga, and the WEF officer, Kilifi South, Madam Jamila to commune with the members and pass words of encouragement to them to help them grow their ventures. It was indeed a great honour for Dzarino to be picked for such a high-profile visit and also to host such revered guests. It was a moment of Jubilation for all present. WEF is a funding organization established by the Government that has been giving Dzarino loans specifically to conduct its table banking activity. Through the WEF loans, Dzarino members have had an opportunity to invest in several group businesses like buying chairs and a tent for hire purposes, keeping improved kienyeji chicken for meat and eggs, keeping layers for eggs, and buying and keeping a dairy cow for milk. Through the table banking activity, the WEF loans have helped members revamp their individual businesses not to mention, improve their standards of living. To this end, some members have used the loans to build permanent residential houses while others have revamped their current residences and made them more secure. The loans are given for a period between 12 and 24 months during which they must be paid. WEF just charges a nominal fee of 5% of the loan amount for administration purposes and loans are monitored on a monthly basis to ensure that they get repaid. The loans have proved to be very useful to members.  When it comes to funding institutions for organizations and groups, Government institutions are most preferred because of their low charges and also their relaxed conditions and procedures for application and repayment. By far WEF has proved itself to be the most stable and reliable of all the Government funding institutions when it comes to giving out loans.