Dzarino CBO being a capacity building organization that works with grass root communities, has as one of its primary aims as social and economic empowerment of women and youth and the main beneficiaries are poor women and children living in rural communities. As a membership organization it recruits informal community-based groups with a mission to build their capacity. The organization was founded in the year 2000 and registered as a community base organization in 2003 with the ministry of social services.


To ensure that the indigenous community especially the women and youth own their development


To empower the communities, through training and capacity building so as to improve their socioeconomic status.


“Listening to the voices of people”

Our motto is derived from the methodology of capacity building adopted by the organization in which it listens to the needs of the community through working with them so as to facilitate them identify their own needs and providing tailored programs to each group.

Core values

The core values of Dzarino are;

  • Sustainability
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Truth
  • Reliability
  • Innovation


Dzarino is a membership organization and membership is open to persons of all walks of life as long as you are willing to serve others especially those less fortunate than yourself and can subscribe to the organization and its activities


Dzarino has been involved in the following programs

  1. Program implementation
  2. Training of peer educators
  3. Training of care givers on care of OVC’s and empowering them using IGA’s
  4. Public health issues at the community level
  5. Gender based violence (GBV) advocacy and awareness
  6. Civic education and constitutional rights
  7. Running of nursery schools

All these programs are fully integrated in our day to day activities so as to make work easier and less expensive


Through its qualified and experienced members, Dzarino undertakes several consultancy assignments for organizations that may lack necessary skills. This is one way of ensuring sustainability of the organization. Our consultancies in the past have included but not limited to the following;

  • Micro enterprise and finance training and management
  • Business development & management
  • Project proposal writing
  • Strategic planning
  • Gender issues
  • Civil right advocacy
  • Community mobilization
  • Research
  • Build capacity on small scale farmers
  • Help in group formation train, and link groups to various institution
  • Waste management training

The Team

Elvina M. Mutua

Founder and Coordinator
Chief Advisor
Alternate Member of the Management Committee

Mesalim Maphengo

Chief Trainer
Member of Executive Committee

Priscilla Tsuma

Alternate member of Management Committee
Member of the Executive Committee
Marketing officer
Appointed Trustee

Management Committee Members

Evans Gichuru

Community Liaison Officer with IAVI (International Aids Vaccine Initiative)

Victoria Nzioki

Chairlady of the Executive Committee

A lawyer by profession and has worked with FIDA- Kenya where some of her duties included creating awareness on women’s rights and educating communities on gender issues.

Dr. Job Mokaya

Technical Lead, Quality of care, Women’s Integrated Sexual Health at International Planned Parenthood Federation

Executive Committee members

Martin Galgalo

Secretary Executive Committee

Joyce N. Musyoka

Programme Officer Health
Member Executive Committee