Partnership With Local Leaders

Dzarino also emphasises partnership with local leaders, teachers and churches to bring about lasting societal change. We organize conferences and workshops cover issues like HIV/AIDS, micro-finance, and community cooperation. Often through self-initiated projects, volunteer crew and our staff give of their extra time and their own resources to meet needs of the poor and disadvantaged people.

Skills Development

Many communities face a wide array of problems; little or no available education, no access to skill development, inadequate housing, poor sanitation, unobtainable medical help ; the list goes on. We get involved and lend a hand to help to the people and improve their general welfare.

Our Activities

ACTIVITIES  Dzarino has been involved in the following activities 1-Programme implementation – HIV&AIDS projects which have been funded by various donors on – awareness, couple counselling and testing, MARPS counselling and testing, distribution of protective materials. 2-Training of peer educators in matters of HIV&AIDS, 3-Training of care givers on care of OVC’s and empowering them on …

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Consultancy Assignments

Consultancy Through its qualified and experienced members, Dzarino undertakes several consultancy assignments for any organization that does not have the necessary skills. This is one way of sustainability strategy for the organization. Micro enterprise and finance training and management Business development & management Project proposal writing Strategic planning Gender issues Civil right advocacy Community mobilization …

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Membership & Values

Membership Dzarino is a membership organization and membership is open to all Kenyans  of all walks as long as you have the following kenyan citizen willing to serve as volunteer can subscribe to the organization can attend AGM once a year Core values  The core values of Dzarino are Sustainability Respect Integrity Truth Reliability Innovation

Vision, Mission, Motto

Vision  To ensure that the indigenous community especially the women and youth own their development. Mission  To empower the communities, through training and capacity building so as to improve their socio-economic status. Motto  “Listening to the voices of people” This is derived from the methodology of capacity building adopted by the organisation in which it …

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Who We Are

Dzarino CBTO being a capacity building Organisation that works with grass root communities has as one of its primary aim as social and economic empowerment of women and youth and the principle beneficiaries are poor women living in rural communities. As a membership organization it recruits informal community based groups with a mission to build their capacity. The organisation …

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