Donors and Partners

Invest in Women Today!

Dzarino’s goal is to build a vibrant society by empowering the communities – and especially the women from the coast of Kenya – to take charge of their lives, and in so doing, improve the quality of life for all its people. To achieve this, we ensure that such communities own their development from the grassroots.
We thank all our partners and supporters, whether sponsoring or volunteering in one area or another for the good work of working hand in hand with us to better our community

We invite donors & partners from different sectors of society including private and independent foundations, public charities, corporations, and other types of funders (donor-advised funds, charitable trusts, and individual philanthropists) to collectively and collaboratively join Dzarino in its efforts to make the communities, better places to live in.

Wherever you are located, you can make a difference for millions of lives by donating or partnering with us.

Contact us by email, at or by telephone at +254 722 411466 to discuss how you can donate or support Dzarino

Whether you want to donate to help people living below the poverty level meet their daily living obligations, or help orphans and vulnerable children find meaning to life in a depraved society by engaging them in projects that will ensure they reap the benefits of sustainable living, or even generally encourage and empower women who have over time been trodden upon as second class citizens in society, by offering them the assistance and encouragement that is guaranteed as a panacea for all cultural ills they have faced, Dzarino will make sure your donation stands out as a sustainable investment for the betterment of all mankind.

Our donors and partners have included:

Freundeskreis Dzarino (Friends of Dzarino) is one of our current biggest partners. They are based in Weingarten Germany and have in recent times contributed generously to our cause.

Contact us today to donate or become a partner with Dzarino!