Dzarino CBO is a membership organization. Membership is open to persons from all walks of life as long as you are willing to serve others and especially those less fortunate than yourself and can subscribe to the organization and its activities. Dzarino works for positive change and advancement through new thinking and engagement.

Dzarino also recruits informal community-based groups and builds their capacities so that they can engage in life-sustaining activities in order to improve the well-being of the group members and their families.

Dzarino continues to emphasize partnerships with local leaders, teachers, doctors, and churches to bring about lasting societal changes through organizing conferences and training workshops covering issues like HIV/AIDS, micro-finance, and community cooperation.

Through its qualified and experienced members, Dzarino undertakes several consultancy assignments for any organization that does not have the necessary skills.

Groups as its members


of these are women groups

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DZARINO works through groups mobilized as organized units in the rural community. Currently, the focus of the organization has been Kilifi County but we have undertaken projects and activities in other counties and areas in the country and have performed very well earning the organization a good name and reputation among donors.  Our groups are based in various areas along the coastal strip of Kenya.

As a member or partner of DZARINO, you will be entitled to receive annual reports of the organization as well as periodic updates of the organization’s activities as they occur. As a way of encouraging active participation, we work hand in hand with our members involving them in activities undertaken by the organization based on one’s area of interest. DZARINO also takes great pride in those who make contributions to the organization in any way and always recognizes such effort. All members of DZARINO are expected to partake in fundraising activities so as to raise funds for the organization in order to make it sustainable.

To be a member or partner of DZARINO, one pays an entry fee of Ksh. 2000/- and thereafter a membership renewal fee of Ksh. 1000/- every year.

Please download the Member Application Form, complete it and email it to

Current activities and projects range from:

  • chicken rearing and farming,
  • supporting orphans and vulnerable children,
  • running ECD schools,
  • implementing HIV and AIDs programs,
  • and economic empowerment training for women and youth.

DZARINO has also taken part in the recent national general elections in offering civic education to the community and supervising the elections in Kilifi County.