Dzarino was privileged to have a training on facilitated by Catalyste+. During this training, members of Dzarino were able to gain important skills in relation to resource mobilization for Non Profit Organisations such as Dzarino. Some of the skills learned include the different types of grants, grant writing, donor research and how to pitch a grant.

The training was held from the 16th of October, 2023 to 10th November, 2023 by John Coo, a seasoned grant manager based in Canada. In the realm of community development, the ability to secure funding and effectively communicate project ideas is crucial for success. Empowering members of Dzarino with training in resource mobilization and proposal writing can lead to a myriad of benefits, creating a ripple effect of positive change. These skills contribute to the growth, sustainability, and impact of community organizations in the following ways.

1. Unlocking Funding Opportunities:

  • Training members in resource mobilization broadens the spectrum of funding sources, from grants to donations, paving the way for financial sustainability.

2. Ensuring Long-Term Sustainability:

  • Well-honed resource mobilization skills enable the development of effective fundraising strategies, ensuring the CBO’s ability to thrive over the long term.

3. Articulating Vision through Proposal Writing:

  • Proposal writing skills empower Dzarino to articulate project ideas persuasively, increasing the likelihood of securing funding for impactful initiatives.

4. Fostering Community Empowerment:

  • Equipping members with resource mobilization and proposal writing skills fosters a sense of ownership, enabling active participation in shaping the community’s development.

5. Expanding Networking Opportunities:

  • Training provides valuable networking opportunities, connecting members with potential donors, partners, and stakeholders.

6. Adaptability for Changing Needs:

  • A well-trained team can adapt fundraising and proposal writing strategies to meet evolving community needs, ensuring continued relevance and impact.

7. Enhanced Project Planning:

  • Improved proposal writing skills translate to more thorough project planning, ensuring well-structured and achievable community initiatives.

8. Measurable Impact:

  • Increased funding and improved project implementation lead to tangible and measurable impacts, enhancing Dzarino’s reputation and attracting further support.

9. Capacity Building Across the Organization:

  • Resource mobilization and proposal writing training contribute to overall capacity building, providing valuable skills for various aspects of organizational development.

10. Fostering Financial Transparency:

  • Understanding resource mobilization includes financial management and reporting, promoting transparency, and building trust with donors and the community.