Capacity Building Training Offered To The Grassroots Communities

Dzarino CBO training is tailor-made to address the needs of the beneficiaries. Training is conducted onsite at the grassroots level and involves participatory training methodologies i.e., group discussion and presentations, role plays, and case studies.

Dzarino CBO trainers are highly conversant with the coastal languages as well as English and Kiswahili for the grassroots communities to grasp any complicated subject. Dzarino CBO regularly reviews its training materials based on the lessons learned and community challenges to address community needs. The duration of most training is dependent on the capacity of the participants.

Dzarino works strategically to empower local leaders through training, support and motivation, mobilizing them to initiate a compassionate, sustainable response to needs within their own communities.

Training Needs Assessment

Depends on the number of groups to be assessed.

Training objectives

To establish training gaps that need to be addressed. Conducted through focus group discussion.

Group Management and Leadership Skills

5 Days per group

Training objectives

Group objectives setting
To enable participants to review their group and individual objectives and also set achievable & realistic objectives as future plans

Group levels
To enable participants to know the different levels of groups and be able to rate themselves and focus towards group sustainability.

Group dynamics
To enable participants to understand different characters of different individuals and be able to understand one another and work together as a group.

To enable participants, understand the different styles of leadership & how they work. Also learn the different roles of different leaders and ordinary members.

Group management
To enable participants to know how to run their group affairs, work together & understand the roles of the different office bearers, different committees, and individuals in a group setup.

Further areas of training
To enable participants, to know how to develop a group constitution.

  • Project Ownership and Sustainability
  • Effective meetings
  • Keeping files
  • Developing an action plan

Savings and Credit Training


Training objectives

To impart knowledge to participants on the importance of personal saving

To enable participants, to learn savings systems.

To impart skills to participants on developing group saving policy and use of loans.

Topics covered

  • Why savings?
  • Savings systems
  • Savings policy
  • Savings Executive Committee
  • Introduction to loans
  • Managing credit
  • Loan management rules and policies
  • Rules and duties of loan committee
  • Put to practise

Basic Business Management


Training objectives

To make participants understand the general business concept.

Business startup
To impart skills to participants in business startups.

Feasibility study
To impart skills to participants on a feasibility study to enable participants to scan the business environment.

Record keeping
To impart skills to participants in business record keeping.

Costing and pricing
To impart skills to participants on how to cost and price products

To enable participants, to understand the marketing principles in order to market their products.

General topics covered

  • Introduction to business
  • Setting of objectives
  • Business startup framework
  • Record keeping (Book-keeping)
  • Costing and pricing
  • Marketing 6P’s
  • Seasonal business

Skills Training (Towards income generating)


Training objectives

To expose participants to different skills for the purpose of generating income.

Business and Financial Management


Training objectives

Module given to those participants who are ready to start a business.

Topics covered

  • Business Identification
  • Feasibility Study
  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing and stock control
  • How to manage group business
  • Dividends
  • Cash control and banking
  • Financial statements
  • Action plan


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